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suena offers the innovative, AI-based optimization software suena opt.

suena opt is a real-time operation and trading software that optimizes your plant  portfolio; it enables operators to find  the best operational strategies to maximize their revenue. Applied to battery energy storage systems and energy parks (incl. wind & solar energy and storage) the software optimizes the operation in real-time based on forecast models.

With suena opt your plant portfolio will be optimally traded on the volatile electricity and balancing markets. We follow the multi-markets approach to maximize your profit.

With our object oriented software implementation we offer the flexibility to provide a variety of services simultaneously, the so-called multi-use operation.

The need for large-scale battery storage

Today's energy system, which is largely based on the combustion of fossil fuels, is facing profound changes worldwide. While technological development continues to flourish, prices for battery cells are falling and political debates about sustainable innovations intensify, the economic attractiveness of battery storage systems is stimulated. Since battery storage systems make an important contribution to the energy transition, profitable operation is imperative. Continuous optimization of the application portfolio is an important prerequisite for proving oneself on the market in the long term against the increasing number of competitors.


Our Product suena opt

After years of research in the field of renewable energies, especially battery storage technology, the founders put their research findings into practice and developed the first AI-based Model-Predictive-Optimization (MPO) software suena opt for a techno-economically multi-use operation of battery storage systems.


We are suena

Dr.-Ing. Lennard Wilkening

Co-Founder & CEO

Miguel Wesselmann

Co-Founder & CFO

Tom Witter

Co-Founder & CTO

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